Your Wishes and Preferences
A preference is when you like or want something more than something else.

It can also be called:

  • an alternative

  • a choice

  • an option

When you think about your wishes and your preferences for your personal healthcare think about:

  • Any hopes, needs and wants for your personal healthcare.

  • Are there important things that you WANT to happen or DO NOT want to happen if your health situation worsens?

  • What does your healthcare team need to know about you so that they can give you the best possible care and advice?

  • What is important for your healthcare providers to know about you when considering your treatment options?

Use the section in Your Shared Care Plan called 'Do you have any wishes, preferences or personal goals for your care' to record your answers.

Click on the links below. These are resources that may help you think about your wishes, preferences or personal goals for your care.

Click here to access the My Wishes Alberta Workbook

Click here to access the AHS Conversations Matter Booklet

Click here to access Compassionate Alberta, a website to help Albertans have conversations about living and dying well and plan appropriately for the future

Click here to access Coming Full Circle, a guide to planning your care and ensuring you wishes and values are heard and respected