Your Support Team
Who are the people that help you and what do they help you with?

Who helps you with:

  • Your health condition, e.g. family doctor, nurse, pharmacist, specialist doctor, dietitian, social worker
  • Your emotions/mental health,  e.g. partner, therapist, priest, counselor, friend or a group
  • Your personal every day activities such as eating, bathing & dressing, e.g. your partner, Homecare nurse, friend, daughter/son, meals on wheels
  • Your groceries, medications & general shopping needs, e.g. partner, children, Homecare, private service/company, neighbour
  • Transportation and getting out and about, e.g. partner, children, public transport, DATS, Private service/company
  • Managing & taking care of your home, e.g. partner, children, friends, gardener, Homecare, neighbour

Sharing & and keeping track of this information (e.g. names, telephone number, etc.) helps everyone know who is doing what, and how to contact each other for information about you.


Use the section in Your Shared care Plan called 'Who is in Your support Team' to record your answers.